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4.4 ( 1104 ratings )
Erhverv Produktivitet
Forfatter: NavasLabs

Roshoo provides mobile property management tools for landlords that are intuitive and easy to use. The application offers value by guiding landlords through common pain points associated with owning and managing a property including: tenant screening, document creation & management, legal compliance, property promotion, and tenant communication.
Integrates with Resman Cloud to complement financial and marketing functions!.
All landlords, be it from one to two property owners to large multi-housing unit owners, will benefit from Roshoo’s features that include:

-Resman Cloud Intgeration
-Digital Record Keeping of Property Documents
-Property Condition Inspection
-Digital Inventory Management
-Property Promotion via Twitter, Facebook
-Fully Customizable Forms With Business Information
-Forms Updated To Reflect Latest Laws and Policy
-Digital Signatures
-Guided Rental Property Management Kits
oProperty Rental Kit
oTenant Screening Kit
oProperty Inspection Kit
oMove In Kit
oMove Out Kit
oEviction Kit
•Cloud Based Document Storage via Dropbox
•Landlord Tenant Communication
oBroadcast or send individuals messages
-Automated Reminders on Renting Related Events
oLease end dates
oInspection notices
oRenting community meetings
-FAQs and Inspection Checklists